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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Infinity Hair Fibers

Can Infinity Hair Fibers be used with any hair type?
Infinity Hair Fibers works on all hair types.

    • Fine to Coarse Hair
    • Short to Long Hair
    • Colored, Highlighted or Permed Hair

Is Infinity just for men or can women use it also?
Infinity Hair Fibers are equally effective for women and men. In fact, approximately 60% of our customers are female, making Infinity Hair Fibers the best hair fibers for thinning hair.

Does it take very long to apply Infinity?
The time it takes to apply Infinity Hair Fibers varies. Depending on the length of your natural hair, it could take as little as a few seconds, but up to a few minutes. Once you get a feel for applying Infinity Hair Fibers, however, the process will become even faster and easier.

Will Infinity Hair Fibers fall out?
No. Infinity Hair Fibers use micro-fiber technology that creates an instant bond to your natural hair. Infinity Hair Fibers are also derived from natural materials, making them the best hair fibers as they are totally safe and healthy for your skin and hair.

Do Infinity Hair Fibers stain?
No. Infinity Hair Fibers will not stain your clothes, counter tops or floors if accidentally dropped onto any surface. Cleanup of these hair fibers for thinning hair is simple and easy with any cloth.

How long will Infinity Hair Fibers stay in my hair?
Infinity Hair Fibers last through rain, wind and perspiration; yet they can be rinsed out with a simple shampoo wash!

Do I need special shampoo to remove Infinity Hair FIbers?
No. You can use any type of shampoo to remove Infinity Hair Fibers.

How many applications will I get from one bottle of Infinity Hair FIbers?
The number of applications depends on the amount of hair fibers used per application. The 28 gram bottle, however, should give approximately one month of application to an average user.

Can I use hair spray with Infinity Hair FIbers?
Absolutely! Just be sure to use the hair spray after you apply Infinity Hair Fibers.

How many colors of Infinity Hair Fibers are there to choose from?
Infinity Hair Fibers are offered in 10 different shades to match natural hair colors including: black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, dark blonde, light blonde, auburn, cinnamon, gray and white.

The mentioned results are not guaranteed and can vary from individual to individual