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Will You Experience Side Effects When Using Infinity Hair Fibers

At least 80 million men and women suffer from hair loss caused by different factors like genetic predisposition, medical conditions, poor nutrition, etc. And as a result, there has been an increasing demand for effective hair loss solutions like hair fibers that will deliver fast and excellent results

Because of this, cosmetic hair loss solutions have become the latest trend in addressing this rather devastating condition. We say devastating because this not only affects your appearance, but it likewise has significant impacts on one’s emotional and psychological health like developing low self-esteem and loss of confidence.

Aside from cosmetic hair solutions, there are also some other methods like applying topical medications as well as taking oral medicines. Taking these medications does not provide immediate results, as you need to wait for months to years before you achieve your desired look.

There is also the widely known hair transplant, which is primarily done to treat androgenetic alopecia. This is an invasive surgical technique that moves hair follicles from a part of the body (donor site) to a balding part (recipient site) and by just describing the surgical procedure, you could already imagine how you are going to get through it. Also, it is a rather expensive method as it could cost you more than a couple of thousands of dollars in order to undergo the procedure, not to mention that it can also contribute to the development of allergies, scarring and infection.

With this, a lot of people who are suffering from hair loss resort to the more convenient and practical as well as cost-efficient solution that is the cosmetic way, which guarantees 100% outstanding results.

Denny Smolinski, the CEO of Hair Infinity Fibers describes his product as an “instant confidence builder” because it exactly does that. It instantly boosts one’s confidence in just a matter of seconds. Hair Infinity Fibers are created through the Nano Fiber Technology. The micro hair fibers use electricity and become electrostatically charged as they’re shaken or applied onto the thinning areas that provide the appearance of a full and thicker head of hair.

Are There Any Side Effects When Using Hair Infinity Fibers?

You may wonder as to the safety of using this product. When you try to compare the effects of medical hair loss solutions to that of cosmetic hair loss solutions like hair fibers, you are likely to discover that using topical and oral medications as well as hair transplant have far more adverse effects than when you use hair fibers.

Hair loss medications are designed to slow hair thinning as well as to increase coverage on the scalp by growing new hair and at the same time making existing hair grow larger. But it is important to note that these medications have to be taken continuously, otherwise, if one stops taking the medication, the hair that has already grown will only be lost and most probably your scalp will look more like that way it was, before using the treatment. Aside from these, topical and oral medications can cause adverse effects to one’s health that one will not experience when using hair fibers. These medications may cause breast lumps, breast pain or tenderness, nipple discharge or any other breast changes. And the more common side effects may include loss of interest in sex, impotence, trouble having an orgasm or abnormal ejaculation. Not only that! The sexual side effects may still continue even after one has already stopped using the medication.

On the other hand, hair transplant aside from it being a huge pain in the pocket has some minor complications and side effects as well. It could cause bleeding, pain, itching, swelling, numbness, hiccups, infections, cysts and scarring. These effects may not be permanent but it still could cause major discomfort to someone who has undergone this procedure.

So, what about when you use Infinity Hair Fibers? First let us discuss what these fibers are made of. The reason why this product is so effective in going unnoticed is because it is made out of premium organic keratin that comes in a fiber form. Keratin is a form of protein that is the major component of our skin, nails and hair, which is rather important as it gives the hair its ability to resist breakdown as a result of wear and tear. But when the proper amount of keratin is no longer produced because of some underlying causes, that is when one experiences hair loss. Now, to address this condition, the makers of Infinity Hair Fibers specifically designed this product using keratin because of the aforementioned reason.

With this, it is very safe to say that because this product is made of organic keratin, it will not cause any adverse effects as compared to when one uses topical and oral medications or when they undergo hair transplant surgery.

Infinity Hair Fibers is a product that is guaranteed to be 100% safe, free from any form of drugs, will not dry and irritate your scalp and will definitely not clog your pores.

With this, you will also do not have to worry about selecting colors that will match your original hair shade, as it offers a wide range of shades where you can choose from. The colors include black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, auburn, cinnamon, dark blonde, light blonde, grey and white.  

So what are you waiting for? Try Infinity Hair Fibers now and you will truly love the results that you will no longer be looking for any other brands to use. It is ideal for both men and women who are experiencing hair loss. This product only needs to be applied once a day and we guarantee that it will last through wind, rain and even sweat. As mentioned, Infinity Hair Fibers is completely unnoticeable even within inches away and is effective, convenient and easy to apply.


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  • Brown V.

    I too have periods of red sore bumps in my head, that last a couple days, in the area where I shake the hair fibers

  • tarugo

    Yeah I feel side effect on my head like, etching scalp and redness

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