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Menopause and Hair Loss

 The thought of losing one’s thick and lustrous hair is what scares most women when the word “menopause” is mentioned. Infinity Hair Loss Concealing Fibers can help!

Every woman who lives to be a certain age will experience menopause. The thought of losing one’s thick and lustrous hair is what scares most women when the word “menopause” is mentioned. Losing hair is known to have a major impact on the self esteem of most women. Learning more about menopause and hair loss will help you find a safe and effective way of dealing with hair loss.

What You Need to Know about Menopause and Hair Loss

When it comes to menopause and hair loss, “androgenetic alopecia” is hormonal imbalances known to occur around the period of menopause, especially a boost in androgens. Most women who suffer this kind of hair loss typically have relatives who have experienced hair loss as well. Most women begin to notice hair loss when they part their hair and see a wider parting or notice that they are losing more hair when they brush their locks. It is not unusual to shed 100 – 150 hairs daily, but if you notice that you are shedding more than this amount, you should be a little concerned. You need to understand that not every woman experience menopause and hair loss at the same time. Some women lose hair due to an underactive or overactive thyroid function. Some women lose hair due to nutritional deficiencies, particularly iron deficiencies. Some crash diets cause women to lose hair. Medical conditions can lead to hair loss in menopausal women, syphilis and autoimmune disorders can cause hair to thin out. Stress can also make hair fall off and certain drugs for treating illnesses such as chemotherapy drugs can cause hair to fall off as well. This is why it is vital to allow your doctor to take necessary tests in order to find out the exact cause of hair loss.

Treating Menopause and Hair Loss

Before you conclude that you are experiencing a menopause and hair loss related condition, it is important that you ensure that you have consulted a physician. Some doctors prescribe drugs that are known to stop hair loss – sadly, not all of these drugs work and provide awesome results. Hair transplant is also one of the treatments that are known to work, but this treatment is a pricier option. Wearing wigs or hair pieces is also another way to have healthy looking hair. The only problem with wigs is that the cheap ones often look tacky and noticeable when worn. There is also the danger of suffering public embarrassment when the wig goes flying off your head when a strong gust of wind yanks it off your head!

Infinity Hair Fibers – Tested and Trusted Way to Thick and Voluminous Hair Instantly!

Using Infinity Hair Fibers is the safest, affordable and natural way to get thick and full looking hair in just seconds! Infinity Hair Fibers is a hair loss concealing powder that contains hair building fibers that stick to your existing hair when sprinkled on affected areas of your scalp. Your hair will look instantly thick and full naturally, no one will even notice that you are wearing a hair loss concealer…unless you tell them.


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