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Infinity Hair Fibers: What is it and How it Solves Baldness

Are you suffering from hair thinning or balding due to aging, genetics, disease and hormonal imbalances, side effects from prescription drugs or medication and other hair thinning causes?  There are a sheer number of hair loss solutions in the market, but these do not guarantee a 100% effectiveness and are usually expensive treatments that can either be invasive like hair transplant surgery could sometimes cause someone to develop adverse effects like allergies, scarring and infection. 

However, medical hair loss solutions are not the only way to address this condition, there are also cosmetic solutions that provide instant results like hair building fibers like the Infinity Hair Fiber, which is a 20-second hair loss product created both for men and women. This solution is specially formulated to provide an instant result that gives you the appearance of having a thicker, fuller and healthy natural hair. And what’s great with this product is that it is safe, easy to use and it will not cost you a fortune just to avail and benefit from it. It is a very affordable solution that guarantees an excellent result in an instant compared to undergoing medical procedures and treatment that doesn’t guarantee the result you want and risking your health with prescription drugs which often has side effects.  The Infinity Hair Fiber Kit would only cost you $39.99 and you don’t have to undergo any surgical process to get the result you desire.

How Does Infinity Hair Fiber Help in Solving Baldness                                                                 

The Infinity Hair Fiber is created from natural keratin which is very similar to the organic composition of an individuals’ hair and is manufactured with the help of Nano Fiber Technology. The keratin is cut to microscopic proportions with precision by a laser beam cutter. And after the cutting process, the microfibers are then subjected to a chemical treatment that makes it retain its composition and improves the adhesion ability.

After the chemical treatment, the nano hair fibers are now capable of using static electricity to attach itself to your existing hair follicles. These microfibers become electrostatically charged when they’re shaken or pumped out of the bottle with Infinity Pump Applicator to sprinkle the product onto the balding and thinning hair areas. The strong static electrical charge ensures that the bond between the Infinity Hair Fiber and you existing hair would last all day. And this ability of the microfibers to adhere and to form a shape very similar to that of a strand of human hair has been widely acknowledged.

And to further strengthen the bond between your natural hair and the nano hair fibers, it is recommended to use the Infinity Hair Locking Spray.  This is also a specially formulated hair locking spray that is guaranteed to help seal and protect the bond between your hair and the hair fibers all day from any activity that you are going to do and helps protect it from any weather condition you are going to encounter. Plus, it gives your hair a very natural shine making the Infinity Hair Fiber unnoticeable even from within inches. Using a different hair locking spray brand or formula does not guarantee the effectiveness and the lasting bond that the Infinity Hair Products has when combined. That is why it is strongly advised to use only Infinity Hair Locking Spray as this is created side-by-side with Infinity Hair Fiber. The use of both this product in a single application ensures a longer lasting bond between your hair and the hair fibers compared to any other brand in the market.

Steps on How to Easily Apply Infinity Hair Fiber

There are a few steps on how to easily and effectively apply the Infinity Hair Fiber to cover your balding and thinning hair areas.

  1. Wash and Dry your Hair.  Washing and drying your hair is essential in the application of Infinity Hair Products. It gets rid of the unwanted dirt that may cause you a failure when applying the hair products.
  2. Apply the Infinity Hair Fiber.  To apply the Infinity Hair Fiber, shake the bottle, and then with or without the Infinity Pump Applicator, sprinkle the product on to your hair six to eight inches away, starting from the balding areas then onto the thinning areas. Work your way around to ensure even coverage of all areas.
  3. Create your Desired Look.  After covering your hair with microfibers and you are sure that it’s all covered evenly, you can now style your hair. You may use your fingers or a fine comb to do it but you must do it gently because the bond between your natural hair and the microfibers is not yet sealed.
  4. Apply the Sealer.  Once you’re done and satisfied with the look and style of your hair, you may seal the bond between your hair and the microfibers using the Infinity Hair Locking Spray.  This spray not just seals the bond; it also gives your hair a natural shine that makes your hair look all natural.   

          What Are the Different Colors Available for Infinity Hair Fibers?

          Get the shade of Infinity Hair Fibers that perfectly matches the color and complexion of your hair with the 10 different colors available. Most people finds a perfect match to the color of their hair with one of the available colors while others combine some of the colors to match their hair. The available colors are; black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, auburn, cinnamon, light blonde, dark blonde, gray and white.

          Order your own kit of Infinity Hair Products to Get rid of your hair problem by getting yourself an instant, easy to use and safe solution that can help give you an excellent result that will help you boost your confidence. To know more about the Infinity Hair Products, read customer reviews, testimonials and product details from our official website. Just go to and find out which hair product you need and how to order from our distributors near you.

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