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Chemotherapy and Hair Loss

Chemotherapy and hair loss goes hand-in-hand.  

One may not even think too much about the hair on their head until they are about to lose it. Chemotherapy and hair loss is something that occurs during the treatment of cancer. Hair loss is the common side effect associated with cancer treatment. Whether you lose your hair or not when undergoing chemo will majorly depend on the dosage and type of drugs you receive.

Chemotherapy and Hair Loss - Why Does it Happen?

A lot of people want to know why chemotherapy and hair loss go hand-in-hand. Chemotherapy (also commonly known as “chemo”) medicines are known to be very powerful that are administered in order to attack the fast growing cancerous cells. Sadly, these medicines will also launch attacks on other fast growing cells in the body – this includes the hair roots. Chemotherapy and hair loss is something that patients undergoing treatment are made to understand. Hair on the scalp is not the only ones that will fall out. Chemo can also cause hair to fall out from all over the body! The hair will start to fall out 1 o 3 weeks after chemo treatment has started. The hair on the scalp could fall out in clumps very quickly or gradually. Hair loss would continue all through the treatment and a few weeks after the treatment. As mentioned earlier, whether the hair thins out or the patient becomes totally hairless will actually depend on the treatment.

Chemotherapy and Hair Loss – Will The Hair Ever Grow Back?!

Thankfully, chemotherapy and hair loss is usually a temporary situation. Patients can expect to start regrowing their hair 3 to ten months after their treatment has come to an end – although the hair may be an entirely different texture and color, temporarily. Yes, it may take a couple of weeks after receiving treatment for the hair to pull through and start growing out again. When the hair begins to grow back, it may not look like the hair that fell out during the chemo treatment. However, this difference will typically not last long. You may be wondering if chemotherapy and hair loss could be prevented if certain measurements are taken. Currently, there is no treatment that will give you full guarantee that your hair will not fall out when undergoing chemo.

Achieve Full, Thick and Healthy Looking Hair with Infinity Hair Fibers

As mentioned earlier, there is no guarantee that hair loss would not occur during chemo or after chemo. The very best way you can deal with imminent hair loss is by planning ahead and concentrate on ensuring that you are happy and comfortable with your appearance when undergoing cancer treatment. One way to conceal thinning hair is by using a top quality hair loss concealer such as Infinity Hair Fibers! This hair building fiber powder will help you achieve thicker and fuller looking hair in an instant! Simply sprinkle the powder on your thinning or balding hair, and you will see instant results!

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