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Causes of Alopecia in Men and Women

 Causes of Alopecia in Women - Infinity Hair Fibers is now a solution.

There are different kinds and causes of alopecia (commonly known as "hair loss"). When hair falls out, it may simply be as a result of growing older, injury, disease or a reaction to using certain types of medications. If you are experiencing hair loss, you will be glad to know that something can be done.

Causes of Alopecia in Men and Women The causes of alopecia in men (also known as "male pattern baldness") is something that typically runs in the family and may be caused by hormone imbalances. Individuals who are genetically susceptible to losing their hair are very sensitive to the DHT hormone. Too much DHT causes hair to fall out and thin out.  The hair grows for a short period and the hair length is also unusually shorter. No one really knows the causes of alopecia in women (also called “female pattern baldness”). Thinning and baldness of hair is usual in menopausal women – this is because the female hormones decrease.  Females with hormonal disorder and polycystic ovarian syndrome with high levels of male sex hormone secretion, are at a high risk of facial hair and hair loss. Causes of Alopecia – Signs to Look Out for When it comes to causes of alopecia, it is of the utmost importance that you know the signs to look out for. Signs of hair loss include:

  • There is a general thinning of the hair; however the thinning hair is a lot more noticeable at the back of the head where hair growth is no longer luxuriant or where the hair begins to grow back in little strands of fineness.
  • The scalp suffers a complete neutral thinning of the hair, although the thinning hair is very noticeable at the front of the head, but does not affect the front hairline.
  • The scalp suffers a complete thinning of the hair, although the thinning hair is very noticeable at the front of the head while it also affects the frontal hairline of the woman.
After identifying the causes of alopecia, you will then be able to find out which is the best way to treat this condition. For more information about alopecia visit National Institute of Arthritis. Infinity Hair Fibers – Masking Alopecia Instantly Most people will not want to be seen with balding or thinning hair, especially women. There are lot of ways to have thick and voluminous looking hair in only a couple of seconds. Wearing wigs to conceal your thinning or balding hair may be uncomfortable, particularly on sunny or windy days.  The best ways to conceal thinning or balding hair is by using hair building fibers such as Infinity Hair Fibers. This is top rated hair loss concealing product does a great job of concealing balding and thinning hair by making your hair appear fuller and thicker instantly! This hair fiber powder lasts all day and is undetectable. 

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