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10 Simple Tips on How to Use Infinity Hair Fibers

Infinity Hair Fiber, the number 1 instant hair loss solution created to help both men and women in their battle against hair loss. Infinity Hair Fibers is made from natural keratin, very similar to that of a human skin and used nanotechnology to manufacture the microfibers. When applied properly, this hair product will give you the look of having a natural hair, even from within a few inches away. This helps boost your self-esteem and give you the confidence to go out again by concealing the balding and thinning hair areas in your head.

Remember, this is only an instant solution and means it’s not permanent. And also, this hair solution does not promote hair growth and does not cure your hair loss problem.

Benefits of using Infinity Hair Fiber

Aside from it being an instant hair loss solution, below are some of its other benefits:

1. Compared to medical treatments and other procedures that cost a fortune to avail but cannot guarantee 100 percent it can restore lost hair, at $39.99, you can avail and use Infinity Hair Fiber Kit.

2. Made from natural Keratin, the Infinity Hair Products are safe to use.

3. Easy to Use. This is a 20-second solution that will give you that look of having a fuller and healthier hair.

How to Use the Infinity Hair Building Fibers?

Follow these useful tips to help you to effectively apply the Infinity Hair Fibers to your hair and regain that confidence with a very good looking hair.

1. Pick the Right Color for your Hair. These types of hair solution come in a variety of colors to easily match different shades of natural human hair. Meanwhile, the Infinity Hair Fibers comes in 10 different colors and these are; black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, auburn, cinnamon, light blonde, dark blonde, gray and

2. Order your Infinity Hair Products. To order, go to, the official website of Infinity Hair Products and find yourself a very good deal with the entire hair loss solution product line.

3. Wash your Hair. Now that you have the Infinity Hair Products, you can now start giving yourself that look you truly desire. But before you can do that, make sure that everything else is ready and not just the hair products.

You can start by washing your hair before you start applying Infinity Hair Fibers onto your hair. Remember, if there’s still something in your hair like dirt and oil, the microfibers will adhere to it and once you have sprinkled the hair solution to your hair, you cannot wash it anymore or you’re going to have to do it all over again. And also, washing your hair before applying the solution ensures that you will not encounter problems like scalp irritation, itchiness, uneven finishes and other hair problems that may prevent you from getting that unnoticeable finish.

4. Dry your hair. This is also as important as washing your hair. Because applying the microfibers in a soaked hair will only result in a complete mess. Make sure that your hair is completely dry before you apply the Infinity Hair Fibers to avoid having a problem with the process and finish of application.

5. Apply the Infinity Hair Fibers. To apply the microfibers, first, pick-up the bottle and shake it to activate the static electrical charge that makes the microfibers adhere like magnets to your hair. For an even finish, start covering the balding then the thinning areas then work your way around your head using your hands or a fine comb so that you can assist the microfibers in forming an even volume on your hair.

This would be easy if you have availed the Infinity Pump Applicator, specially designed to easily and precisely distribute the microfibers evenly to your hair. This pump attaches itself directly to the bottle of the hair fibers for an easier use. But even if you don’t have the Infinity Pump Applicator, you can still apply the hair fibers onto your hair very nicely and achieve the finish you desire.

6. Style your hair. When you’re done with the application of Infinity Hair Fiber to your hair and satisfied with the density and volume, give it the style that you want. You may use a fine comb or even a brush, just do it gently because you still need to seal the bond of the microfibers and your natural hair.

7. Seal the Bond with Infinity Hair Locking Spray. It is recommended to use and to only use the Infinity Hair Locking Spray when using Infinity Hair Fibers as it is specially formulated to effectively seal, strengthen and protect the bond between your natural hair and the microfibers all day, from any activity and whatever weather. It also gives your hair a natural shine for an unnoticeable finish. Just hold the locking spray bottle 8-10 inches away from your head and give it at least 2-4 pumps of locking spray.

8. Wait for it to Dry. It will only take less than a minute to be completely dry. After that, you may now do necessary changes to your hair, if there’s any.

9. Check your Hair At Least Once in a While. It is better to do this rather than feeling sorry if anything happened to your hair like, your hair falling apart when you’re outside, doing your activity.

10. Wash It Before You Sleep. You may want all the hair products you applied to your head removed before you go to bed. Otherwise, it might cause allergies or irritation to your skin as you will spread the hair fibers and dirt all over your pillows and bed.

Follow all these tips to be able to effectively apply and use the Infinity Hair Products. This will guarantee an unnoticeable finish to any of your hair loss problems in an instant and save you a lot of money.


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